Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Things to do at your next flute circle: Play for a story or poem

Here are two excellent group exercises for your next flute circle:
  1. Have everyone select a poem of their choice to bring to the flute circle to read. Then select one or more people to improvise on the flute along with the reading of each poem. The reader might provide the flute player with some sense of the feeling within the the poem prior to the reading.
  2. Research Native American Stories at your local library or at a bookstore. Select one or more stories to read at the flute circle. Select one or more people to improvise to the story along with the reading. The music should serve as a backdrop to the story, not visa versa...

Both of these exercises develop listening skills in the flute player. The ability to listen while playing and build improvization skills to move the music along with the narrative. Encourage folks to experiment, you can always reread a favorite poem/story so that others can attempt their interpretation of the "musical score". Don't forget that drums and rattles may also be appropriate.

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