Thursday, October 13, 2005

News about the Apple Video iPod and digital recording

I was gifted an Apple iPod Shuffle back in July. Until that point, I had resisted buying an MP3 player, although my laptop is full of my flute CD's in MP3 form. I listen to flute music all day at work, because I do a lot of writing and other computer work in my job. Well the Shuffle turned out to be a great gift, I love it's compact design and since I usually shuffle my songs on the PC, it's perfect for me. The only problem was its limited memory, I couldn't get all my songs on it. I also have a CD player in my car that plays MP3's so I can listen to a large selection of music burned as MP3's in the car on my long commute. I have friends who have the larger (original) iPod's who swear about the advantage's of being able to rip all of their CD's onto one device, and now with the car adapters, they no longer use their in car CD players. I guess I am finally seeing the vision.
Now, with the announcement this week of the new Apple Video iPod, I am really interested in purchasing one. But it get's even better... I just learned that the new Apple iPod will also be able to record high quality audio (44.1Khz) in stereo. Thus making the iPod Video an excellent portable digital recorder. For flute players, this means that you'll be able to take your flute music anywhere and record your songs as they come to you. What a great combination! I've been considering the purchase of digital recorder to do field recording (like at flute circles), so this may well do the trick. I can't wait to read more reviews on this topic. I'll post more as I learn about it.

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