Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Free Online Creativity Class (Starts April 2nd)

Frankie Sierra (Bay Clan) just informed me about a new online class being offered by Stanford professor Tina Seelig which uses music as the basis for creativity. I was totally intrigued by this idea, so I have already joined the class, and I encourage you to join as well.
The class is free. You can participate and complete the assignments or you can audit the class (access the information, review the projects but not have to complete any work assignments).
I think that this is an interesting experiment in online/remote learning. If you're as curious as I am, then I encourage you to join the class as well.
Students will be encouraged to join teams to collaborate on projects.
If you join, please look me up in the course!

Class: Creativity: Music to my ears
When: Start Wed April 2, 2014
Duration: 6 weeks

For more details check out the class link at: http://online.stanford.edu/course/creativity-spring-2014

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