Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

As we say goodbye to the naughties, and welcome in the teens, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of the folks who have contributed so much to the Northern California Flute Circle during the last decade.

To Dan, Lisa, Lew, Lynn and Mary - you've been there through it all. Thanks for your continued support through all of the various events and celebrations. We've seen a lot of people come and go, but I love you guys most of all for all what you've contributed in blood, sweat and tears for the organization. You guys are the heart of the flute circle.

To Frankie, Brian, Doc, Cryss, Dan, Sheree and others who have joined us and jumped in with your whole spirit - you've made the NCFC what it is today and continue to breathe life into our evolving personality. Thanks to you for helping us all become better. You guys are the spirit of the flute circle.

To Bob - where ever you are...
Thanks once again for your creative spirit and amazing organizational ability that enabled you to put a solid foundation into the organization. I pray that you're still playing and entertaining yourself and others with your music. I look forward to a time when we can play together again.

To all of the flutemakers: Keep evolving the instrument, improving the sound, playability and crafting beautiful sounding extensions of your spirit for others to enjoy. Don't ever forget where this instrument came from and honor both its history and its future.
I know that the last year has been tough, especially on you all, but please hang in there. You've been gifted with a special talent that will find value no matter what the economy.

To all of the flute players: Keep on playing! Play for others. Play for yourself. Play for the spirit. Just play. Try to play for someone who hasn't heard the sound of the flute before, and spread the joy that it brings to others lives. Make someone's day. Volunteer at hospice. Take a hike and play for other hikers. Take your flute to work and play during lunch. Play at church. You've uncovered a part of your spirit, now go share it with others.

To the year ahead: I really have no idea what the year ahead holds for us as an organization. I have some ideas, and can promise that there will be some changes. If you're reading this and you're compelled to jump in and help share your special gifts to make this organization better, please consider contacting me. I sure that we can use your skills to a positive effect.

Yours in spirit,


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