Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yosemite Flute Festival 2009 Day 2

Saturday at the Yosemite Flute Festival.

There was lots of live music throughout the day. The open mic went non-stop (except for the drum circle time) throughout the day. It’s really fun to listen to all of the different ways that folks have to express their music through the Native American Flute. Here’s a picture of NCFC members Eric and Allie Ray (from Marysville) on stage. BTW, Eric has been nominated for a Nammy this year, you can vote for Eric here:

It looks like the drum circle was a huge hit again this year, and is now a permanent part of the tradition of the festival. David Ferrier was kind enough to let folks without a drum (like me) borrow a drum from his inventory to play during the drum circle. Bill Timothy (Central Coast Flute Circle) facilitated the drum circle and kept the music going.

The highlight of the afternoon was the ending of the silent auction. There were lots of great flutes and other raffle items to choose from. The bidding started heating up as the deadline approached. In the end everyone appeared to be satisfied with their purchase, including one gal who won three flutes. Here's some pic's of the winners:

Paul Thompson from Albuquerque NM showed up today, he was here to perform on stage with Gary Stroutsos at the concert. But Paul also brought some flutes to sell. It’s been 8 years since I’ve seen Paul Thompson, and at that time, I wasn’t completely familiar with place in the history of flutemakers in North America nor was I in a place on my path to buy one of his flutes, but I didn’t let that opportunity slip past me this time, as I bought one of Paul black bamboo flutes. Paul has been making flutes since the early seventies and has influenced many, many flutemakers and flute players since that time. His flute will have a special place in my collection. Here’s Tim Blueflint with a birdhead flute by Paul Thompson.

As I surveyed all of the flutes and other artwork for sale this weekend, one flute caught my eye. In Brent Haines booth, I saw a wonderful painting, and when I asked Brent who the artist was, he picked up a flute and showed me the work of Jeremy Johns. Jeremy is a 20 year old artist from Brent’s town. Brent saw another piece of his artwork and asked Jeremy if he’d be interested in painting a flute (or two) for Brent. From that collaboration came this beautiful dragonfly flute (see below). The detail is phenomenal (the picture doesn’t do it justice). You can expect to see more collaboration between Brent and Jeremy in the future.

Finally, the evening ended with a wonderful concert by a large cast of musicians including Stephan DeRuby, Kim, Rick and Linda Dunlop, Gary Stroutsos, Paul Thompson, William Hoshal and Vince Chafin.
I especially enjoyed Gary Strousos and William Hoshal tribute to Paul Horn.
The highlight of the evening was the final piece, a tribute to the Beatles, were all of the performers played a version of Within You Without You. Gary even donned spectacles (like George Harrison) for the final song.

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