Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Can you say "Flutie Hangover"?

Wow, it's been three days now, since I returned from the Yosemite Flute Festival, and I am still suffering from a "flutie hangover".

First of all, huge kudo's and thanks go to Rick and Linda Dunlop & Steven DeRuby, for all of their hard work to make this event a reality.

Second, thanks to all of the flute makers who attended (many who traveled a long way), and showed off their individual crafts. It was so fun to see all of the different style flutes.

Third, thanks to all of the performers who entertained us with their talents: Mary Youngblood, Vince Chafin (and friends), Scott August, Mark Holland and Jeff Ball (and his band). The concerts were (in my opinion) the highlight of the weekend. Having all of these talented folks showcasing their music side by side was an inspiration. We had the chance to hear five different styles of music, all featuring the Native American Flute. The NAF was definitely the star.

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended the festival and spent their precious dollars (in this economy) on flutes, art, food and fun.

The best news is that the Yosemite Flute Festival will happen again next year. I don't have the exact dates handy, but it'll be the same weekend in the fall in 2009.

If you attended, I appreciate your comments to this post, about those things that are most memorable to you.

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Dandi said...

Hey, Mike,
Thanks for your post.
"Hangover" is right - the energy at the YFF was so magical I did not expect it. It's rather strange, I thought, that for all the worries I had regarding logistics, planning, directions, costs, scheduling conflicts - all those negative things WERE NOT PRESENT. They all evaporated in that environment. I type this hoping others may plan to go next year, and yes, plan your trip, but do NOT stress over it. It is not a stress-related function. In fact, just go and be there. It is so fun. Just think, you may even witness some poor sap squeaking his flute with the flute maker sitting right there in the third row, while the First Lady of the Flute stands patiently near, waiting for you to cool your jets.... Yes, Virginia, it IS fun - the most!!!