Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Michelle Carlino Workshops at Yosemite Flute Festival

"Yoga for Flute Playing: The Balance of Body and Breath"

Join Michelle Carlino for a wonderful way to embrace the morning or a rejuvenating afternoon break as you support learning through this ancient opening of the body and the breath.

This class will include gentle stretching and asana(posture) to open the body; breath work to build lung capacity and control; and relaxation to place one in the most optimal alignment for learning and play.

Hatha Yoga is a more than 6,000 year old system which supports and builds health in the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit. This practice supportsthe necessary qualities for flute playing of a steady breath moving from a balanced and relaxed body and focused mind.

Open to all ages
Appropriate for all levels
Please bring a towel or mat
Cost: $10

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