Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mary Youngblood Retreat hosted by Loping Wolf

I just heard from Dan and Sheree this evening about the success of the Mary Youngblood Retreat that they sponsored this last weekend. It was a huge success! There are two dates left at the Loping Wolf Ranch on the calendar and space is going fast. To RSVP: fill out this form:

Folks who attended, had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Mary Youngblood . Here's an outline of the workshop:

11:00 am to 12:00 pm ~ Arrival and Lunch - (Bring your favorite potluck item)

12:00 pm ~ LOPING WOLF
Welcome and Introduction Theme Song ~ “The LOPING WOLF Lope”

Mary Youngblood ~ Welcome Performance

12:30 pm to 1:15 pm ~ Beginning Workshop

Work on your beginning skills with the “First Lady of the Flute”. Breath control, embellishments and techniques. ( Mary will collect your written questions before the workshop.)

~Break ~

1:30 pm to 2:00 pm ~ Intermediate Workshop - Tips on vibrato, improvisation , and embellishment details will be discussed and demonstrated

~Break ~

2:30 pm to 3:00 pm ~ Advanced Workshop - Advanced techniques such as how to duet with another player, composition, phrasing, timing, plus performance and recording readiness will be shared

~Break ~

3:15 pm to 4:15 pm ~ This open mic hour will be “your” opportunity to duet with Mary and learn how Mary takes a player to the “next level”. Sign up to have your duet with Mary recorded on DVD with “you” for an additional fee as a keepsake of this unforgettable day! Autographed pictures of you playing with Mary at this special NAF musical retreat will be available for purchase before you leave!

The next dates are: June 7th and July 5th
Cost: $45

There may be future dates after this, but they have not been confirmed yet!

For more details: Mary website:
Or the Loping Wolf website:

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