Monday, October 29, 2007

Memories from Moaning Caverns with Mary Youngblood

Wow, what a wonderful day we had on Saturday with Mary Youngblood and the Northern California Flute Circle. The event took place at Moaning Caverns in central California, near Angels Camp. The NCFC members who were playing with Mary that night, arrived early in the afternoon, to practice, eat and have some fun before the event.

Here's a picture of Mary practicing and warming up on her guitar before the event:

During the flute circle before hand several foks jammed and warmed up. Here's a picture of (RtoL) Alex, Dan and Francesca.

The trip down into the cavern was pretty treacherous for the first 90 steps, especially when you were carrying an armful of instruments. Here's some NCFC members entering the cavern.

It was an amazing event (from my perspective). We started the show by turning out all of the lights and playing in the pitch black at the bottom of the cavern. Folks were sitting on the floor of the cavern, on the stairs and at the landing at the top of the cavern. For the first song (in the pitch black), David Blonski started with the didj (wow!), then the rest of the NCFC member came in with percussion, followed by the flutes. I've played my flute in the dark many times but this was the first time that I have played and improvized with other folks in the dark. It was a spiritual experience for me to listen and play without my vision. The experience is still difficult to describe. But we all sensed the end of the song intuitively and ended beautifully. The rest of the concert featured Mary on flute and guitar. We backed her up on percussion and a few folks played either with Mary or on their own.

At the end, Mary played a happy birthday rendition for folks celebrating their birthdays that night. Here's a photo of Mary serenading the birthday folks:

I am posting all of the pictures on the NCFC website here:

Check the website and blog often this week as I'll post more pictures as I receive them. If you have some pictures to be featured, please send them my way: mike DOT oitzman AT gmail DOT com

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