Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Book

I received an announcement for this book. I have not read it, but it looks interesting. Here's the details:

The Dark Legacy of Indian Mission Boarding Schools By Tim Giago
Illustrations by Denise Giago
17 black-and-white illustrations, 18 historic photos, 176 pages, 6 x 9, $14.95
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“Children Left Behind: The Dark Legacy of Indian Mission Boarding Schools is a must read. Tim Giago, who spent his childhood at one of these schools, examines the unholy alliance between church and state that tried to destroy the culture and spirituality of generations of Indian children. Provocative, riveting, chilling, persuasive, and original, this book leaves the reader overwhelmed. Describing almost inexpressible cruelties and triumphs, Giago pulls us into the boarding school experience. He challenges Indian Country to co-exist with the truth of what actually happened at these schools. Only then can we heal and avoid acquiescence to a system that has crushed so many souls. The book is a triumph, and a major event in Indian education.” (Ryan Wilson, Oglala Lakota, President, National Indian Education Association)

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