Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mary Youngblood CD Release Party

I was unable to attend Mary's CD release party this last weekend, but from the early reports which I received, everyone had a great time (except for me that is). Dan DiCiccio and the Loping Wolf Flute Circle sponsored a flute circle in Sacramento prior to the event. I know that several folks from the NCFC, including Dan Ricketts and Francesca attended.
If you have any stories to share about the evening, please leave a comment...

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Francesca said...

Sorry Mike -- we were all posting about this on Mary's new board, but it was awesome to see everyone on the 20th!

I still can't believe it was so magical. Loping Wolf hosted a wonderful flute circle in a park in Sacramento. They sure know how to set up a get together, and get everyone together!

Dan and Lynn came from Modesto, and it was so great to see them and do some duetting with Dan (good warm up for me and just a lot of fun) and some circle jams with everyone.

And then on to the performance with Mary, which was an awesome oportunity not just to jam with Mary, but get to do it with her
onstage! She also did a duet with Dan, with Dan playing a low dual flute which was really cool, and a jam at the end with -- everyone in the audience that had an "A" flute!

And the Sisters of the Earth -- Mary's new all-female band -- were wonderful. They had only been
together a week and the harmonies are lovely (and already becoming a
feature in the arrangements), and Joell's guitar is supportive and
rhythmically right there with Mary. Beatriz has been with Mary for several years now.

Also great to see Geoffrey Ellis again -- his flutes only get better.
I only wish I could have gotten one. Boy did folks get some great flutes from him. I got to play a lot of them though!

peace and love,