Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Grand Canyon Flutes

I recently discovered a new online Native American Flute vendor called "Grand Canyon Flutes".
This is not an endorsement, and I have not purchased anything from them yet, but they do have one of the nicest looking Native American Flute websites that I've seen in a while (although our friends from the Oregon Flute Store have recently redone their website).

If you've purchased something from Grand Canyon Flute, please leave a comment to this post letting everyone know whether they are a good vendor or not. It's nice to see the market emerging for flute resellers.

Looks like they are reselling flute from various flutemakers, including:

Grand Canyon Flutes also seems to be one of the few folks selling a variety of flute racks.

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Robert Wells said...

I recently bought a 2 unfinished flute package ( Aminor flute, Gminor flute, book, and 3 CD ) from Grand Canyon Flutes. I bought the package for $59.00 total on e-bay. I finished both flutes myself. I enjoy the flutes as a beginner. You can't get a better deal.