Monday, November 21, 2005

Remembering friends

With Thanksgiving approaching, we are planning for our travels to visit friends and family in Arizona. I am sure that many of you are as well (planning to visit family & friends that is...). The trip to Phoenix is a biannual event for us, as my parents and two of my uncles families gather every year for a friendly family golf tournament and get together for the four day weekend. Four years ago when we attended, there was both a joyous and sad event to commemote. One of my uncle best friends has passed away that year, and since "Bud" had been involved in the annual golf tournament every year since its inception, he was like a member of the family. My aunt and uncle wanted to dedicate and plant a tree on the golf course fairway just outside their patio.
So on the Friday after Thankgiving that year, as a gorgeous Arizona sun was setting, we planted the tree. I played "Amazing Grace" on the NAF, while every member of the gathered circle of friends and family put a shovel full of dirt into the ground around the tree. This year, sadly, we have another passing to commemorate. Another friend of my aunt/uncle has passed this year. Marvel, was a wonderful lady who always had gifts for my kids, even though she only saw them once every two years. I'll always remember her generous spirit. Marvel's tree has already been planted early in the year, but I still plan to bring my flute and play for her tree as I grieve for her passing.
I hope that you find a moment this weekend to play your flute for thansgiving, peace and understand around the world or whatever fills your heart this holiday.

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