Thursday, September 29, 2005

NAF Playing Tip #2: Cover holes with finger pads
by Mike Oitzman

It is important to make sure to completely cover the holes of the flute with your finger pads, not your fingertips. You type on a keyboard and play the piano with your fingertips, but this is poor flute playing technique. You should cover the finger hole with the “meaty” part of your finger pad.
Try this simple test to see if you are covering the holes correctly:

  1. Cover all of the holes of the flute with the correct fingers.
  2. Press and hold down your fingers on the flute holes (make sure that the finger holes are completely covered)
  3. Count to five (one Kokopelli, two Kokopelli…)
  4. Lift your fingers away from the flute, and look at the circular impressions from the holes on your fingers. Are they all on the finger pads, or are some on the fingertips?
  5. Put your fingers back on the flute and adjust those fingers that were improperly positioned.

Remember, it is important to get into good habits early in your playing career as you develop the finger memory for how your fingers want to cover the holes.

Copyright 2001 by Mike Oitzman. This playing tip or exercise may not be reproduced in any form, electronic or print without the express written permission of the author.


Anonymous said...

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I have problems with covering the holes because my fingers are so short. Any advice?